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Chilled Cider Fest with Corncrow
Square and Compass, Worth Matravers
(one of the finest ale houses in Britain!)
I'm a Cornish dancer - set, step and social, and I run workshops in Cornish dance for adults and young people, including schools, Guides and Brownies, lead dances at dydh/nos lowen (happy day/night) Cornish dances, call for troyls (Cornish ceilidhs) and collaborate on community events.

I'm known as a folk arts educator with the Folk Educators Group, and a member of the Instep Research Team, participating in group discussions, running #cornishdance workshops and joining the infamous Rugby Club Steppin' Time sessions at Sidmouth Folk Week.

I can speak a little bit of Cornish, am fluent in German, have a working knowledge of French, and can figure out Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Greek.

And I'm a coeliac.

So if you need a multi-lingual Cornish dance workshop or ceilidh, a display of Cornish dance, any gluten-free baking tips, have any questions on step dancing around the world, or just need a good Cornish dance workout, give us a shout!

Dance biography

Learnt ballroom as a youngster, picking up dance styles from salsa to jive, African to Irish, Bangra to English on my travels, performed in cross-cultural collaborations with Barb Jungr, Robb Johnson and Roger Watson ('Flame and Flower', 'Wheels of Change').

Asteveryn - Cork, 2005
I took up Cornish dance back in 2001 as a fun way to keep fit, joining display/troyl/ceili group Asteveryn learning a core set of step dances from the brilliant Lerryn Udy.  We danced at weddings, fairs and festivals across the Duchy of Cornwall, and as part of Cork's European Capital of Culture celebration in 2005.

Occasionally, I'd join Second Wave Dance Arts for a display or two, and to co-facilitate workshops with the Guides as 'Cornish Dance Ambassadors'.

Polperro Furry 2007
Towards the end of 2006, I joined Bec Applebee in a jig dance based around the "Mrs Parkyns Jig" steps and for a kabm pymp (5-step) at a Dalla gig in Polperro.

One of the audience members was really excited and wanted to learn how to dance the steps, and the challenge to find at least 20 equally keen people and a venue was set.

The first 'foot-stompin' Cornish dance fun' workshops began a couple of months later in the British Legion Club, with Polperro Furry emerging in time for Polperro Festival in the summer.

We took the workshop into Polperro school on a couple of sunny mornings to teach the children Polperro Furry so that they could join the festival procession.

In 2009, I joined Cornish-Celtic band Dalla at Lorient Interceltic Festival, as a dance lead for a few sets of "Noze Looan" ("happy night") Cornish dances, including this little Mr Martin's Reel in the Asturian tent.

I returned a year later with the newly formed Kemysk Cornish Dancers with a set of specially choreographed Cornish dances at the Lorient Interceltic Festival, and continued dancing with the group at a number of prestigious festivals and events across the Duchy and beyond.

The "Sparkling Saturdays" workshops began in Liskeard in 2011 in support of the Vital Spark Festival of the Arts Project, and continue to this day, usually during term time, or supporting local events.

Bodmin Heritage Day 2017
The Childrens Dance
Recent projects have included:

the revival of The Children's Dance on Bodmin Heritage Day (2016/17)

#cornishdance and #cornishmusic sessions in Bude with the support of Bude Folk Festival and Bude Folk Club

the Cornish language project, #NadelikLyskerrys / #LiskeardChristmas (2017)

a new furry dance and Cornish dance workshops for Callington MayFest (2014/15/16)

Mr Martins Reel with Y4 Bude Junior School
Bude & Stratton Folk Festival 2018

Future projects include children's workshops in partnership with Liskeard's new Share Hub, and scoot dancing for school-aged children in Bude.

I continue to run Cornish dance workshops for schools, communities, special events and festivals, and occasionally dance out and call for ceilidhs in Liskeard and beyond.

ScootsKernow is where you'll find me on Facebook and twitter, or email me via the gmail.com account, scootskernow.