Oll an Gerriow (words by Frances Bennett)

Oll an Gerriow - perfect for a 'Gwari Pymp' (game of fives).

The tune is in Fooch!

The song tells the tale of dancing all around the world, and in the end falling asleep through exhaustion.

Step is the Cornish 5-step rhythm: start with your right foot (or left if you're up for switching), and stepping on alternate feet, across, side, back, tap (or kick), side.

We used Lis-ker-ret-Cen-tre to help us keep the rhythm in the Sparkling Saturdays sessions in Liskeard.

No partner required, and simple to pick up too.

Here are the words in Cornish if you fancy a go . . .

Oll an gerriow a eze an beaz
Mowns a traylia en pedn ve
Ha me corwetha en creas an noze
Na ellam cuska tabm veath.

Oll an bobell a eze en hale
Mowns a townssia aderdro
Cabm deaw ha arta cabm pemp
Me a veath cuska daa an noze ma!

Oll an canow en gothewar ma
Mowns a gurtas en breziow nye
"Delkiow Sevy" ha "Hal an Tow"
Me a veath cusk daa an noze ma!

Oll an dewas a eze en tavarn
Mowns a fedna pecara gover
Cora gween a sugan aval
Me a veath cuska daa an noze ma!