Mr Martin's Reel

Here's a great challenge dance between the musicians and dancers - Mr Martin's Reel.

Collected from Mr Hedly Martin of Morval near Looe back in 1980, and often danced in the kitchens on slate floors at family parties.

The dancers form a circle, with hands placed on the shoulders of the person on either side of them (if this is difficult for individuals, or if it makes it easier for the dance, holding hands, or across the forearms also works).

Nos Lowen with Dalla at Liskerrett Centre - Mr Martin's Reel
Shuffle to the right for seven (onan, dew, tri, peswar, pymp, hwegh, seyth), stank-stank, to the left for seven, stank-stank, to the right for three (onan, dew, tri), stank-stank, to the left for three, stank-stank, to the right for two (onan, dew), to the left for two, right for two and left for one and stank-stank.  Repeat in time to the ever-increasing speed of the music!

Perfect for small people and big people, and a fine way to learn some Cornish counting and stamping too!

Here's a clip of this with some big people who spoke little English, and no Cornish at Lorient Interceltique Festival with Dalla...

And here's another clip of lots of big people dancing this in multiple circles (fun tip...once you feel comfortable going in the usual direction of right first, try going left first instead in your circle... it'll confuse a few people at first...looks great from the outside!):

The tune is the King of Sweden (Mygherten Sweden), and you can find the dots in Fooch here.

Cornish band, Dalla, have a great recording of this tune on the Rooz CD, available from Kesson, the Cornish Music Portal or CD Baby.

The full story of Mr Martin's Reel is on the an-daras portal, where you'll find oodles more Cornish folk art stuff!

Happy Cornish Dancing :D