Cornish Dance in Liskeard, Callington & Beyond

Dydh Da! Good Day!

Ha fatla genes? And how are you?

What a fantastic summer - real live sunshine & blue skies, and plenty of Cornish dancing at a host of festivals!

We're back with a regular series of Cornish dance workshops on Saturday mornings from 10am in Callington at the Town Hall (1st & 3rd) with Kamm Kelliwik - Dons Kernewek, and Liskeard at the Liskerrett Centre (2nd & 4th) with Scoot Lyskerrys.  Full details are on the Workshops page.

Meanwhile, we can't wait for the Big Nos Autumn Nos Lowen Cornish Dance at Sterts on Saturday 21st September, from 6:30pm - 5 bands, including Scoot Lyskerrys!
Watch out for the 'Game of 5's'!

If you've never tried Cornish dancing before, don't worry - there's plenty of leaders to show you the way.  Rumor has it there will be one or two celebrities & celebrations on the night!  Tickets are available from Sterts - and do feel free to book your meal at the cafe too.

We're outside in the open air theatre... bring your dancing feet & optional cushions & blankets!

Hope to see you there :D

Cheers x