Keslowena ha meur ras!

What an incredible week for the Cornish, joining the Scots, Welsh and Irish as official members of the UK’s Celtic minorities!  Here's one of the articles if you've not already seen it: Keslowena onen hag oll - congratulations one & all!  

Ha meur ras - and thanks - for joining us for one or more Cornish dance workshops or events this season.   

This morning is the last Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop at the Liskerrett Centre before the Vital Spark Festival of the Arts from 10th May.  It would be SPLANN to see you there from 10am!

Alternatively if Callington is closer, the Callington MayFest Dancers are gathering in Callington Town Hall to refresh the Callington Furry Dance amongst other Cornish dances along with Rosie Fierek & the HUGE Callington Furry Dance Band (I'm trying to be in two places at once: just  need a little more sparkly dust!).

And tonight....big celebration time!!!!!!

Big Nos presents...Spring Nos Lowen at St Austell Parish Church Hall, Trevarthian Road (South side), St Austell, featuring the Scoot Lyskerrys Band.

Hope to see you there!!!!

Kernow bys vycken!

Oll an gwella - all the best,

Carmen :D

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