Cornish Dancing in the Far East...CDS Esedhvos Troyl/Ceilidh in Torpoint

A 'splann nos lowen' of Cornish dancing with Scoot Lyskerrys hosting the quarterly Cornish Dance Society Troyl/Ceilidh as part of the Esedhvos in Torpoint.

The 7-piece band played a fantastic foot-stompin' set for lots of new-to-Cornish-dance dancers from Torpoint & the local area, including Gorsedh Kernow participants from across Cornwall, as well as familiar 'Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop' participants & friends from Liskeard & Callington.  Meur ras oll for joining us!

Dances were a mixture of Cornish social & set, from furry dances to serpents, Mr Martin's Reel (with excellent counting in Kernewek up to 7!), an Old Hand-in-Hand, Six Hand Reel, Ros Vur and one of our favourites, Newlyn Reel!

It was great to see Zero2vintage from Liskeard leading one of the "Hedley" serpent dances to Jim Stacey's tune...

...and the champions of the Tregajorran Furry were a couple of girls, who discovered that you can dance this as a couple, dancing under one another's arches, rather than two couples, with the ones going under & then the twos going under.  This variation will be known in future as the Torpoint Tregajorran Furry!

Here's our marvellous musicians...

Wind section: Sally, Elke & Carlton. Note the clever use of embroidery rings & stockings to make smart-functioning diffusers - good works, Carlton & Sally!  Carlton was our brilliant sound engineer & generously provided the PA for this event.  Huge thanks, Carlton!

Squeeze & strum section: Pauline & Steve keeping the rhythm & tunes in check.  

Strings section: Zara & Norman - top fiddling folk!

Meur ras Cllr Mike Pearn, Mayor of Torpoint for allowing us to use Torpoint Council Chambers for this event - what a fantastic venue!  We look forward to returning to the border town soon!

Meur ras Pat Parkins for coordinating this Esedhvos event (and helping us find the chip shop!).

Meur ras Dee Brotherton for the publicity on behalf of Gorsedh Kernow.

Ha meur ras to the ubiquitous Merv Davey - aka Dr Folk - for inviting us to host this Troyl/Ceilidh on behalf of the  Cornish Dance Society, and for making the connections.

That's it for now!  

Dha weles skon! See you soon!