Scoot Lyskerrys & Kescana at Lowender Peran 2014

Keslowena oll! Congratulations all!

After a series of five "Kan ha Dons" Cornish dance workshops in the Liskerrett Centre to pull together a set for the FEAST funded "Kan ha Dons" project, plus a couple of street dancing spots, eleven Scoot Lyskerrys dancers and four musicians were able to make it over to Perranporth to perform at Lowender Peran:

Top row: Sally, Jaqi, Carmen, Pauline, Anna; Middle row: Ros, Anne
Bottom row: Carlton, Jerry, Norman, Mike, Janet, Peter, Anita 
And here we are with our wonderful singing chums, Kescana:

Here's a few pics of the dancing Old Hand-in-Hand to warm up after a Nine Brave Boys serpent dance...

Newlyn Fisherman's Reel...looks like we may have acquired a new musician for next season...

Our street-dancing chums, Hevva with a wonderful Cornish set dance; Hevva represented Cornwall at this year's Lorient Interceltic Festival...

"Can we do one for the children...?" - "Of course, how about Bolingey?" And we're joined by the Bolingey Dancers in yellow. Great to see Lerryn (my original step dance teacher from back in the Asteveryn days, and now a proud mum with two gorgeous children) dancing again with sister, Demelza.

Polperro Furry, with Hevva's Ian & Jaz stepping in for us. Really proud of Jaqi & Jerry leading this one for us!  Watching in the top right hand corner are Jo & Simon Harmer, two "Southern Stepping" chums from Sidmouth, who remarked at how different the dances were compared to the standards at English festivals (no border Morris, nor Apalachian)...welcome to Lowender Peran, Cornwall's Celtic Festival by the beach!

Bolingey for all once again, this time with audience participation (including Jo & Simon!)...there's a couple of variations on this dance, always fun when groups come together from across the Duchy.

A final  pre-Kescana run-through on the grass.  The Scoot Lyskerrys musicians, Carlton, Sally & Norman were fabulous playing the tune "Oll an Gerriow" about 100 times as we finally figured out "Gwari Pymp"!

A final run-through of the set with Kescana.  Pilchard-packing for "Parra Hearn", taking a very simple "Hedley" serpent into a 2-couple set.  This was the one dance that needed 12 people at least, so big thanks to Jaz from Hevva for stepping in at the very last minute (otherwise we'd have played the alternative choreography for a half-set).

Our gorgeous singers, Kescana...same again soon, please!

Meriasek, at the pause after the quick jiggy section.

Lining up for Gwari Pymp, Game of Fives: a departure from the traditional kabm pymp, with traveling steps to the right, instead of the left.  

Meriasek in the performance: this song is both mesmerising & moving...

...and after the performance of this Breannick Furry/Coinage Hall Flame Serpent for the song, Meriasek, quite a few remarked at how moved they felt at the slow Coinage Hall Flame Serpent refrain (#goosebumps - that was how I felt seeing Tros an Treys dancing the Miner's Lament).

Gwari Pymp, heading out for a clap-jump.

Such creativity from all of the groups in the "Kan ha Dons" project....and for Scoot Lyskerrys, it was the first time to perform out as a "group", and in front of such a gathering of experienced traditional Cornish dancers (no pressure then!).

A great day, topped by the culmination of the Brass Project with "Lost in Space" and a splann "nos lowen" of mixed up Cornish dancing called/led by the one & only Ellie Allen! Ober da, Ellie!

And for anyone making it back for the beach ceilidh, here's the massive serpent that grew at the Watering Hole...there should be more beach ceilidhs around Cornwall!

We'd like to do it all again, please. Quite soon. With the Scoot Lyskerrys members who couldn't join us this time. And Kescana!  And so we shall.  Watch this space...

Chons da, Lowender Perran on the move to Newquay - we hope to see you there!

Dha weles skon :D