Helston Furry Dance - archive footage from 1921

Here's a few clips of Helston Furry Dance through the ages since 1921 . . .

Note the right hand holds and the closeness of the turns as the couples move through the crowds.

"... And They Sang As They Danced Along" (1933)

Furry Clock (1941)

Furry Dance Aka Furry Dancer (1955) . . . around 500 children participated in 1955 . . . 

Flora Day 2013 Spotlight Report . . . and more than 1000 children participated in 2013!  
Thanks to Dana for the tips on Helston Furry :D

Helston Furry is danced through the streets of Helston with "dignity and joy" every year on May 8th.

Here's to sunshine and "infectious gaiety" this year too :D