Tripping the Light Fantastic with Liskeard Lights Up 2015

Second time lucky with the weather, after the annual "Liskeard Lights Up" Lantern Parade was cancelled due to the weather.  So much hard work had gone into producing the dancing lanterns with the "Tripping the Light Fantastic" theme, and almost for nothing, as the squally wind and rain stopped the procession from going ahead.

With a swift bit of re-jiggery the Liskerrett Centre pulled together a remarkable event to give the chance for the children to show off their good works, with live music, dancing and an experience to treasure.  

Around 60 or so children gathered from Trewidland, Hillfort & St Cleer schools with their beautiful lanterns, getting ready to take part in the extraordinary procession and serpent dance.

The garden had already been decorated with the huge dancers that were to have been part of the Liskeard Lights Up procession the previous week.

We led the children down the slope to the garden amphitheatre, with Carlton Crouch playing bagpipes and Pauline McKeogh on accordion.

We danced a massive serpent, spiralling round and round, with the children "Tripping the Light Fantastic".  Parents, grandparents, guardians and local folks watching in amazement, with the amphitheatre providing an excellent viewing point, as well as the houses above the garden.

Samba Kernow greeted us with a great conga riff, before heading back up the slope for mince pies, mulled apple juice and tunes from Scoot Lyskerrys.

"I loved the bit where we went round and round in circles," said one of the youngsters as we got back to the hall.  "Can we do it again...?" said another.  "That was amazing!" said one of the parents, "we should do this more often...".  Ok, let's!

Big thanks to all the volunteers & staff at the Liskerrett Centre, to Andy Bilewycz for the pictures, and the wonderful parents, guardians and teachers for the support, and of course, all the amazing children for taking part.

Here's to the next one :D

Nadelik Lowen ha Bledhen Nowydh Da!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!