Man Engine Day - Liskeard

One mighty day for Liskeard, as the tallest puppet ever built in the UK - The Man Engine - came to Liskeard, Cornwall, the first town in Cornwall in the 2 week tour.  

Liskeard's Michael Loam was the original inventor of the #ManEngine.

We were anticipating around 3-5,000 people . . . 13,000 turned up on the day to be part of the #ManEngine ceremony . . . a day when you wish you'd have gotten your cross-town event comms running, especially when the dear fellow wasn't able to stand upright on the given hour!!

I joined the first planning session with #ManEngine central, as the safety routes were being planned, and to support the Town Council, local traders and heritage organisations in creating an engaging pre-ceremony programme of events.  It was the end of May.   

Planning session with reps from Man Engine Central, Liskeard Town Council, Cornwall Council, Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership and the Traders Association.

Concept for the #LiskeardExperience

A few rounds of funders/sponsors v artists - over 90 artists scheduled for the day.

Sizing up the space . . . 
Trying to imagine something that's never been seen in Liskeard. Or anywhere, for that matter.  Finding places for people to eat . . . especially those with special dietary needs #glutenfree; thanks to Jo Tagney for picking up a gluten free vegetarian pasty for me on #ManEngine day - much needed sustainance!. And thinking very carefully about where people could go to the loo!

Before all the people . . . .
Stewards briefing . . . and Liskeard Town Band play the #ManEngine into position . . . tune was 'Fer Lyskerrys',
Liskeard Town Mayor, dressed as a balmaiden - with her mayoral chains - welcomes and gives thanks.
Fore Street Beddoes and Barnecutt's

Choir singing

#ManEngine at full height, with one mighty packed high street!

Liskeard are already thinking about future heritage events, or even an annual #ManEngine day.  

Ober da! Good work!

Dha weles skon - see you soon, #ManEngine.