#NadelikLyskerrys | Liskeard Christmas

Dydh da! Fatla genes?

Good day! How are you?

We're thrilled to be running a series of Cornish Guise Dance workshops every Saturday in Liskeard Public Rooms from 14th October to 2nd December, supporting #NadelikLyskerrys, a Cornish #LiskeardChristmas and #LiskeardLightsUp.

We're aiming to bring together a set of set and step dances in time for the festivities over the first weekend of December and beyond, and maybe learn a bit of Cornish on the way!  Splann!!

Taught from scratch each week, and suitable for any level; scoots/taps/clogs/hard shoes recommended to 'make one hell of a clatter'. No partner required.

By the end of this series, your incredible 'muscle memory' (we all have one, usually hidden away somewhere!) will have mastered the steps, shapes and forms of the dances, and you should feel comfortable with at least one dance to share at one or more events over the #NadelikLyskerrys weekend.

LIVE music from the Scoot Lyskerrys Collective . . .

Magic hat 🎩 collection on a PAYF (pay as you feel) basis for a spot of fun-fit exercise.

Newlyn Reel
During our first session, we danced Tregajorran Furry, Six Hand Reel. Cock-in-Britches (scything in the spirit of Ross Poldark), Crowhensa, Tin Stamp, Newlyn Reel and a Kabm Pymp.

"Blue, pink, purple, elephant" . . . hopefully we'll be able to say that in Cornish in a few weeks!

Meur ras to all the wonderful dancers and musicians πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸŽ», and to Liskeard Town Council for the use of Liskeard Public Hall 😊

Same time next week!

Oll an gwella - all the best x

#cornishdance #NadelikLyskerrys