"Can we count in Cornish . . . ?"

Ottani ow tonsya yn Bude! Here we are dancing in Bude!

Top marks to Year 4, Bude Junior School for reviving Bude Floral Dance with Bude Metric Brass, and for an excellent set of Cornish and Maypole dances with music from the International Folk Orchestra of Bude at Bude & Stratton Folk Festival this year!

Dancer-musician-teacher, Kate Tidball took five Cornish dances from the fortnightly #BudeFolk #cornishdance workshops straight into the classroom, along with snippets of Cornish language from fellow dancers, and Cornish language teachers, Jaqi and Jerry.

“Can we count in Cornish?” they asked as they were about to dance Mr Martin’s Reel.

You betcha!

“Onan, dew, tri, peswar, pymp, hwegh, seyth . . .”

We’re hoping to teach the children a few scoot dances over the summer, trying out the scoots, clogs and taps on loan from our friends at Folk Active, and perhaps an end-of-year celebration for the whole school!

Speak Cornish Week 2018

It would be AMAZING to see a few clips of the children speaking some more Cornish with their friends and families . . .

y'n chi - in the house
y'n skol - in the school
y'n mor - in the sea
??? - on the beach [top marks if you can find this one!]

. . . during #speakcornishweek from Friday 22nd June to Sunday 1st July 2018.

There's lots of practical help and events across Cornwall at #speakcornishweek, and over on Facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube if you're using social media.

Here's a few phrases to get you started . . .

Bryntin! Brilliant!

More great pics of the children's dancing at Bude & Stratton Folk Festival.

Meur ras, Bob :D